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Hello again. Time for some exciting updates. Plandai Biotechnology has reached an exclusive agreement with North-West University in Potchefstroom, South Africa, that holds the patents and associated intellectual property associated with the entrapment of compounds in long-chain fatty acids-based nano- and micro-particles, known as Pheroid®.
What does this mean? I will break down the Pheroid® technology into simple non scientific terms. It takes our Phytofare® extracts and encapsulates them in a nano transporter. This allows our already bioavailable extracts to better reach their target area. This is important because most extracts are limited and never reach their desired target. With the Pheroid® our extracts will be able to pass through the digestive track and through membranes directly into the blood stream where they can be absorbed and actually do what they are intended to do.
This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for what we are trying to accomplish.
Please let me know if there are any questions on this. I look forward to hearing from you.

I apologize for not posting in a while.  There is so much going on as all hands are on deck and we are extremely busy.  I will be posting more regularly now as there is a lot of great news to share with you.

We would like to announce that the state-of-the-art production facility is complete.  The final shipments of equipment have arrived and installation is set to commence in the coming weeks.  I will share some pictures of the facility this week so you can understand what a massive undertaking it has been and all the wonderful progress achieved.

The green tea is just coming out of the dormant season and will be harvested later this year as the production facility will be up and running.  It is expected that a product will reach the market before March 2014.

As far as the business side of things, we are currently negotiating and finalizing several exciting agreements.  I will update these as they are released.

Once again, I apologize for not keeping up with the updates but will do so more regularly as these are exciting times.

Throughout history, epidemics have plagued human beings from the Black death in Europe and parts of Asia to the world wide spread of Spanish flu at the end of WWI and more recently the greatest pandemic the world has ever seen which since 1981 has claimed more than 25 million lives – AIDS.

There are some other equally vicious diseases which do not get the same press as their more glamorous relatives:

  • Malaria
  • Dengue Fever
  • Diarrhoeal Disease

There is clinical data, in-vitro, that shows that green tea extracts have the ability to inhibit the glucose transporter than Malaria travels around the body on. In essence  green tea extracts have shown that they are able to stop the vehicle that malaria uses to move around the human body. No vehicle – no movement.

Imagine taking a daily tablet that could give you effective protection against something as virulent as Malaria that is:

  1. Natural
  2. Does not have the side effects of current preventative methods available.

Have a look at the video through the link below.


And I pose one final thought.

If there are registered cases of outbreaks of Dengue fever in the USA, how long before Malaria claims new territory?

In country where poverty in rife, unemployment astronomical and where a significant percentage of the population live in shanty towns it is our duty as human beings to try and find a way to make this situation better, even if it’s just by 1%.

This company, Bottleworx are doing just that. They are taking a couple of problems, recycling of plastic bottles or the fact that it is non existent in South Africa and lack of quality housing, schools, clinics etc and have found a potential solution to both.

I, for one, am blown away by what you can do with their plastic bottles but hey, if it works….

Take a couple of minutes to have a look at their website and even if you can’t build a new school, house or clinic, at least try and do one thing nice for a complete stranger today that otherwise would not have had any kindness bestowed upon them.


A house made of plastic bottles

The following article was written by Dr. Ming Hu, who sits on our scientific advisory board.

The article quite clearly states that while:

Dietary polyphenols which are derived from plants and are consumed in the form of fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs, are a main source of antioxidants for humans.


typical polyphenols have oral bioavailibility of 10%. Therefore, an urgent issue is the development of polyphenols to increase their bioavailability.