After a long time, the wait is finally over and the rejuvenation of the Senteeko Tea Estate has finally begun. This is the first step in a 12 month process to bring the farm back to its former glory and create Plandaí’s highly bioavailble range of extracts, Phytofare™.

The rejuvenation process is a staged one with the first obstacle being the complete refurbishment of the accomodation for the staff. Plandai took the decision that it wanted to become as green as possible as quickly as possible and with that in mind, all the staff housing will be powered via solar power and the hot water geysers the same.

While this may come at an additional cost, the long term benefits outweigh the short term issues and this will enable us to meet certain requirements as laid out in the company credo

Furthermore, an additional 40 new jobs have been created and this number will swell to over 100 within the next 6 weeks.

Along with the accommodation being renovated and being brought up to the required standard, Breakwood Trading 22 (Pty) Ltd, Plandaí’s farming arm, took possesion of 4 new 4×4 tractors and other neccessary equipment which will enable the rejuvenation of the tea to commence immediately.

Leon Doyer (senior management) proudly sitting atop one of the new 4×4 tractors

Branded farm vehicle

All staff accommodation will be fitted with solar panels for electricity and solar geysers for hot water.

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